54 · ARL Academic Law Library Statistics 2012–2013
15 The addition of more dual-degreed (J.D. + M.L.I.S.) resulted in more faculty outreach and more
opportunities for presentations to more students. The first-year Legal Research and Writing course was
redesigned to create more research class sessions in smaller groups, increasing the number of research
presentations. Over-enrollment in the spring Advanced Legal Research course resulted in a second
section being added. A new Foreign, Comparative and International Legal Research course was also
taught for the first time in the spring semester.
18–20 Not available for LSU Law Library.
All figures are as of 05/31/2013.
11 Included with Central Library.
2 Includes number of volumes for print (732,028) and number of titles for electronic (99,005). We have no
way to count electronic volumes. Includes electronic titles that we do not own or lease.
4 This is the title count for electronic monographs. We have no way to count electronic volumes. We also
have access to 12,759 electronic serials.
7.c Includes $49,997 for binding and $310 for ILL borrowing fees.
8.a We had two vacant positions for significant portions of FY13.
8.b In FY13, the support staff for the student journals were moved into the Library. We paid salaries for four
additional FTE’s for most of FY13, two of whom were laid off by 7/1/2013. As a result the FTE count in
13b reflects only two additional FTE’s, offset by one lost FTE position we are not going to fill.
9 This increase was caused by two factors: 1) The operating expenses for the Student Journals were
moved into the Library in FY13, which increased our operating expenses by about $140,000. 2). Our FY13
operating expenses were artificially low because about $100,000 of one-time expenses were accidentally
paid in FY12 instead of FY13.
11 U/A. Long term disability, group insurance, federal insurance contribution, retirement plan - employer
contribution, health insurance, dental insurance, and wellness program.
13.a The FTE count includes an added position that was vacant for most of FY13.
17 We are able to exclude reserves for the first time.
20 U/A. Our federated search does not provide this statistic.
21, 22 We changed the way we count ILL. Previously we counted some things that we recently decided to
4 E-book holdings updated to reflect addition of catalog records.
9 Expenditures this year include upholstering of 300 chairs and re-carpeting sections of the library.
10 Fringe benefits include FICA, Medicare, 10%-Retirement Contribution and Healthcare premiums
17 This number has been verified.
4 Represents only e-books specifically attributed to Law. All other e-books purchased centrally by UM
Libraries are available to all users and campus libraries.
7.c Varies year to year.
8.b Decrease from previous year is because of vacant positions.
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