52 · ARL Academic Law Library Statistics 2012–2013
13.c FTE figure is not available for student and temporary staff.
17 Circulation figures include traditional circulation numbers (excluding reserves) and Scan & Deliver
service transactions.
18–20 Data not available for FY13.
21, 22 Materials lent through traditional ILL services (e.g., OCLC Resource Sharing) and Borrow Direct.
10 Fringe benefits include FICA, Medicare, Workers’ compensation, Unemployment insurance, Pension
accumulation, Pension administration, Retiree health, Vacation reserve (for employees that accrue
vacation), and State health fund estimate.
19 Only five of the COUNTER compliant databases we subscribe to are included here (LegalTrac, Max
Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law, Oxford Reports on International Law, WestLaw, and
WestLaw China). WestLaw has the majority of hits at 405,500. Had the approximately 25 remaining
non-COUNTER compliant databases been included the total would have reached 497,985.
20 The total number of federated searches does not include the full fiscal year since our federated search
engine did not go live until September 1, 2012.
All figures are as of 08/31/2013.
18, 19 Not available.
20 Not applicable.
17 Some data may not have been captured during the migration from the Innovative Innopac Inc.’s
Millennium ILS to the Voyager ILS when the university joined the Washington Research Library
8.a 2 vacant positions filled during the year.
10 Not paid from library budget. Rate is 44.67% for 8a and 8b; 5.99% for students 8c.
11 This applies to employees covered by the state retirement system who were hired after 4/1/1986. We
have one staff member hired before that date; the percentage for those employees is 43.22%.
12 Already accounted for in Main Library’s report.
13.a Director, Assoc. Director, 4.5 reference librarians, 2 technical services librarians = 9, plus 1.5 FTE
Graduate Assistants with tuition waivers.
13.b Includes 4 staff in technical services, 1 in administration, 2 in circulation, but not graduate assistants
(included last year).
13.c Includes approximately 3 FTE circulation support (graduate students). Previously, undergraduate
students were used to staff circulation, and weren’t included here.
14.a Librarians report courses and tours on spreadsheet.
15.a Librarians report this for their courses and tours.
16.a Librarians report all reference transactions to database.
18–20 Not applicable; campus counts these centrally.
21, 22 Not applicable; ILL transactions managed centrally.
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