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13 The form does not allow for decimals. Here is what our Law Libraries actually have:
13a. Professional staff, FTE = 13.41
13b. Support staff, FTE = 9
13c. Student assistants, FTE = 5.4
This adds up to 27.51, which rounds up to 28. Total is lower than previous year because of vacant
positions and less use of student help.
14 Reflects programmatic changes and larger groups.
16 Reflects more accurate count than previous years.
21 Previous year may have been over counted in error.
7.a Reflects purchase of additional one-time resources from accumulated savings.
7.b Prepayments from prior fiscal year reduced this year’s total.
7.c Reflects intentional reduction in deposit to OCLC account on basis of prior year expenditures and
adjusted reserve needs.
8.b, 10 Reflects reporting of IT personnel within library not reported prior year.
All figures are as of 04/30/2013.
2 For the first time this year, we used only system data.
4, 11,12, 18,
19, 20
6, 7 During the year 2012–2013, UdeM Libraries had to cut $ 1.75 million in acquisitions, it was mainly
absorbed by the budget for books.
6–9, 10, 12 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars—Collections Expenditures: (7a) $61,397; (7b) $363,800;
(7c) $3,745; (7) $428,942; Salary Expenditures: (8a) $474,117; (8b) $276,132; (8c) $0; (8) $750,249; (10) $203,919;
Overall Expenditures: (7) $428,942; (8) $750,249; (9) $10,075; (6) $1,189,266; (12) NA/UA. NOTE: Total
Salaries and Wages (Q8) EXCLUDES Fringe Benefits Expenditures (Q10).
4 We are adding electronic books as more law material is becoming available.
7.a We have reduced spending on monographic material.
9 Increases in software and hardware purchases.
14 We have increased our instructional program efforts with a resulting increase in sessions and
16 Transactions have decreased as a result of increased instructional sessions.
21 We have a better system for counting our ILL loaned and borrowed material.
18 These are serials solutions click-thru statistics, not counter statistics.
1 Total listed includes only titles in book format.
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