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11 Indiana University fringe benefit rates (FY12–13 only): Professional staff: 43.34%; Support Staff: 40.06%.
Benefits covered: retirement, FICA, health insurance, tuition benefit, life insurance, and workers’
16 Number of reference transactions is estimated.
18–20 Because of incompatibilities within our reporting systems for electronic resources, we do not feel we
can produce accurate use figures for this fiscal year. We are therefore not reporting data for lines 18–20.
2 Electronic volumes underreported in previous years.
8.a Not including Associate dean salary.
19 Approximate figures.
7 Decreased monographs and database subscriptions, online ownership fees completed.
7.a Monograph budget greatly reduced in FY13; other one-time fees for online ownership of materials had
been completed. Numbers reported include PDA purchases (PDA has not been included in the past).
7.b Database subscriptions dropped. Numbers reported include PDA purchases (PDA has not been
included in the past).
7.c Instructions state that if not materials funds, then expenditures such as bindery and ILL go into ‘other
operating’ expenditures.
8, 8.b Lost three staff to retirement.
9 Includes bindery; (there were no ILL expenses); includes all other other operating expenses as listed in
library budget and fiscal report.
10 Fringe rate includes employers share of Social Security, Workers Compensation Insurance, State and
Federal Unemployment Compensation tax and retirement contribution. In addition to the annual
percentage, there is a $7,000 employer contribution for employee health insurance.
13.b Lost three staff to retirement.
13.c Calculated differently (we believe more accurately - hours divided by 45 active weeks).
21 Fewer requests coming in.
22 Our databases cover more material, reducing need for ILL.
10 Includes: retirement, health insurance, life insurance, and misc. fringe benefits (FICA and Social
11 The majority of the University Kentucky’s fringe benefits are based upon an official designated percent
of 27%. However, the official designated percent for the Law Library is 30%.
1 The number of ECAT records dropped, due to a change in how a vendor was providing materials.
7.c Bibliographic utilities, $16,987; binding $1,348; hardware $260; ILL $3,731; Misc $316; software $33,638.
8 Variance caused by periods of vacancies in several staff positions that are now filled.
9 Decrease in other operating expense needs.
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