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17a A number of staff were on medical leave.
31 2006-07 data reported incorrect numbers as Circulation desk staff had captured all directional questions in the new online
reporting system. 2006-07 data reflect actual decrease as well as incomplete data collection as reported by desk staff.
Some staff only captured encounters rather than individual questions, so approximately 11% of in‑person questions were
multiplied by the encounter rate.
Includes Dana and Matthews‑Fuller (both bio‑Medical libraries).
1 Does not include e‑books, have no way to attribute these to individual collections.
2 This is an approximation; payment lines are used as proxy for volumes for mono series/MPIs.
4a.i Includes all digital titles selected by BioMedical libraries for online catalog resources listing; counted all as paid (other
than a small number with order records), but no doubt more are really free. (Also subtracted from System less BioMedical,
23a We continue to opt out of this question, feeling it is too poorly defined to provide a meaningful basis of comparison
between libraries.
4a.i This number is reported by the Main library.
18 Fringe benefits are included.
36-42 Reported by Main library.
Includes the College of Medicine Maguire Library.
1a Calculation correction. Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 129,750.
1b Medical Library weeding project.
2 979 Print volumes and 144 electronic (totaling 1,123).
4 Calculation correction.
11 Includes individual slides.
15a Decrease in expenditures from endowment funds.
15b Calculation method changed.
15d PLoS and Biomed Central: $3,994; Electronic database costs increased to: $260,434.
35 Number of requests decreased.
39 The enrollment figures listed under the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library are for the Medical School only. See
enrollment data entered for Main Library for GW figures.
1 Decrease from number reported 2005-06 is due to an error in reporting volumes held in 2006-07.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 98,961.
1b, 1b.i, 2 Decline in number is result of transition to all electronic library.
4b, 4b.i Increase due to change in counting mechanism as well as adding several open access titles.
12-13 Result of culling of outdated materials.
15-15a Increase reflects actual expenditures including DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS with various vendors, which were not reported
previously. This is a more accurate figure so deposit account monies will be included from now on.
17c Decline is result of decline in staffed hours after transition to 24/7 library open access.
21 Increase due to purchase of archival electronic backfiles.
22 Increase due to transition to all electronic library and calculation adjustment to refine category contents.
27 Number of service points was inaccurately reported in 2006-07, there have been 3 service points for some time.
29 Increase is due to more staff doing more presentations to smaller groups.
31 Increase due to more staff participating in reference transactions.
35 Decrease reflects increased access to electronic back file runs as well as a trend across the health sciences library world.
1b.ii Large de-accession project started in 2005-06 and continues, to a lesser degree in 2006-07.
7 Government documents now counted as part of the collection.
15b Numbers are a result of serial backfiles acquisition in 2005-06 and accounting practices related to serials purchases in
2006-07 and 2007-08.
17a Increases reflect additions to Center for Biomedical Informatics.
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