2 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 302 2021 In This Issue Introduction 3 Open Persistent Identifiers: The Building Blocks of Sustainable Scholarly Infrastructure 5 Introduction Persistent Identifiers: Unlocking Discovery Library Publishing and Institutional Repositories Data Services Research Data Management Conclusion: The Path to Unlocking Discovery Planning for Digital Accessibility in Research Libraries 19 1. Introduction 2. The Basics: Plan Ahead and Avoid After-the-Fact Remediations 3. Planning for Pivoting to Fully Virtual Operations 4. Formats for Accessible Content 5. Captioning 6. Creating a Stronger Infrastructure for Digital Accessibility 7. Looking towards the Future 8. Summary Sustainability Funding for Scholarly Infrastructure Needs Infrastructure of Its Own 33 The Importance of Data Frameworks of Principles and Values for Sustainable Scholarship Conclusion
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