14 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 302 2021 The recent development of a new PID for DMPs, the DMP-ID, was a fundamentally important step toward creating Networked DMPs.10 With the development of this new PID, which is built on DOI infrastructure, we can expose connections between the rich metadata within a DMP and related works such as project outputs, individuals, affiliations, and publications.11 Beyond the DMP-ID Simply receiving a DMP-ID or creating a machine-readable DMP does not realize the true potential of the Networked DMP. Connections between DMPs and their eventual outputs are made possible through the linking of open identifiers, which form an interconnected web of research components in the form of a graph.12 In the same way that an ORCID record will be empty if researchers do not provide their ORCID IDs when publishing works (and if publishing systems do not collect this information), a DMP-ID needs to be utilized and recorded to build on the networking capabilities of PIDs. Capturing these assertions on the DMP-ID enables the tracking of data-management activities as they occur during a grant project. Again, to facilitate these connections, we need both rich metadata records that include related identifiers and to build systems that enable seamless ways for researchers to include identifiers such as the DMP-ID.13 Use Case: FAIR Island Project The FAIR Island Project, in which our organization is a lead collaborator, is an attempt to showcase how best to maximize the information-rich potential of the Networked DMP. FAIR Island addresses the current challenge of discovering and accessing research connected to field stations. Administrators generally do not have precise methods for tracking the research outcomes resulting from work conducted at their facilities. The FAIR Island Project utilizes a working field station as a controlled environment to test the implementation of optimal FAIR data policies and workflows built around the Networked DMP that address discovery and access to
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