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CORNELL, cont.
2 The large increase reflects the fact that the count for 2008-2009 mistakenly excluded the e-book count (9,737 -some portion of
which overlapped with the print).
5 Estimate only. Less than 1% of the de-duplicated titles in this count were estimated to be print. 960 of the e-titles were
estimated to be non-current. The decrease in the print count reflects cancellations to favor electronic over print and
budgetary pressures. The decrease in the number of titles estimated ceased is due to the use of a new methodology to
7, 12 Count is no longer kept up to date.
14 Count is for videos/DVDs.
16.d Shipping costs only.
17 Binding was stopped as of July 2009 due to budgetary pressures. The library has very few print journal subscriptions.
18.a Starting with 2009-2010, the amount for "professional" expenditures includes expenditures for academic and exempt staff. In
the past, it included only expenditures for academic staff.
18.b Starting with 2009-2010, this count includes expenditures for only non-academic non-exempt staff. In the past, it included
expenditures for non-academic exempt and non-exempt staff.
27.a Starting with 2009-2010, the "professional" staff count includes academic and exempt staff. In the past, it included academic
staff only.
27.b Starting with 2009-2010, this count includes only non-academic non-exempt staff. In the past, it included non-academic
exempt and non-exempt staff.
30 Includes some instruction sessions for individuals.
Library branches included: Dana Biomedical Library, Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library.
1.b.i Indicates emphasis on electronic-only and reduction due to budget constraints.
1.b.ii Withdrawals part of ongoing deaccessioning project.
3 Indicates emphasis on e-journals.
5, 5.b Did not include freely accessible e-journals with Health library figure, included with Main Library figure.
5.a.ii Transition to electronic journals from print journals.
5.b.ii Difficult to distinguish one library's electronic holdings from another library's especially when there is no payment, so
included all freely accessible under the Main Library figure of 11,086.
16.a Reflects emphasis on e-journals.
16.c Reduction due to budget constraints.
22 Included with Main Library figure of $404,321.
35 Reflects increase in use of our collection.
All figures are as of 08/31/2010.
Library branches included: Grady Branch, Emory Hospital Branch, Emory Midtown Branch (new and not full year no
volume holdings added to count).
1.b.ii Increase due to withdrawal of all bound journal volumes from a branch library, a total of 16,237 volumes discarded as
follows: 2,100 volumes to Nigerian library and 14,137 volumes to recycling.
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