17 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 297 2019 whether federal laws will only apply to companies of a certain size, in order to ensure that compliance costs are not overly burdensome for new entrants to the market whether there should be carve outs for certain types of companies or data. What types of data will the law apply to? Policy makers must determine whether to create different classes of data or treat specific types of consumer data differently. While some advocate for “sensitive” data, such as medical data, to have heightened protections, others note that with interconnected systems and the ways data is shared today, such distinctions may be meaningless. Additionally, many advocates have raised concerns about the use of de-anonymized data, pointing to studies that have precisely identified individuals or connected users with personal information through aggregation of supposedly anonymous information. What rights will be guaranteed? From the outset, policy makers must determine which rights a federal bill will cover. While the right to information or transparency seems to be non- controversial, will consumers have rights to access, portability, correction, restriction, erasure, minimization, and objection? How broadly will these rights be framed and to what type of data will it apply? What exceptions might exist to these rights? From a library perspective, a right to erasure/deletion, which in the European Union (EU) is also framed as a right to be forgotten, raises particular concerns with respect to accurately preserving the cultural and historical record. The right to be forgotten has inherent tensions with the First Amendment rights under the United States Constitution and also raises ethical concerns. The right to delisting, meaning that it cannot be indexed in a search engine, is a related concern which alters accessibility and discoverability of the information. What do meaningful notice, transparency, and consent mean? While all stakeholders appear to agree that notice and
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