22 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 292 2017 Lesson # 3: Communicate your study objectives clearly to your intended survey participants. The research group defined the following project objectives: 1. Gather practical feedback from university presses on current publishing models, processes, and practices. 2. Learn more about the types of “open access” publishing models currently available to Canadian authors via both university presses as well as joint university press and library collaborations. 3. Establish the most effective business models and practices that could potentially be successfully implemented by other Canadian presses and/or universities, supporting a comprehensive and economically viable transition to open access publishing in Canada [emphasis added]. 4. Produce a set of practical and workable recommendations towards the development of new and ongoing collaboration between libraries and university presses supporting viable economic models, shared goals and practices for the effective dissemination of knowledge and scholarship in a changing and increasingly open scholarly ecosystem. These objectives were embedded in the survey invite as a link labeled “About the Study” and located near the bottom of the body of the email text, which included important, but perhaps administrative details such as the names of the researchers and information about anonymity and confidentiality. What we might do differently next time: Re-frame the objectives of the study in a way that enables us to learn about existing models, processes, and practices (objective 1 and 2) and establish their relative effectiveness to inform recommendations going forward (objectives 3 and 4) while not specifically seeking recourse towards a “viable transition to open
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