2 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 292 2017 In This Issue Editor’s Note 4 Failure, Risk, and the Entrepreneurial Library, Tom Wall, Boston College 6 Give up the white papers and three-year plans Planning for perfection is the enemy of progress Recruit the best Final thought Vignettes on the Value of Failure 10 Gerald Beasley, Cornell University Marwin Britto, University of Saskatchewan Holly Ann Burt, University of Southern California Samuel “Scott” Hall, ServiceNow Amanda Rinehart, The Ohio State University Lorelei Rutledge and Lis Pankl, The University of Utah Catherine Soehner, The University of Utah A Quest to Survey Library and University Press Collaborations in Canada: A Case Study in Research Approach and Design, Rosarie Coughlan, Queen's University Geoffrey Brown, Dalhousie University Robert Glushko, Western University Inba Kehoe, University of Victoria 16 Introduction About the Project The Research “Failure” Reasons Why the Research Project Failed and Lessons Learned Conclusion Failure Is an Orphan: Reflecting on the Fall of the University of Michigan Orphan Works Project, Robert Glushko, Western University 27 Introduction Idea, Inception, Execution Failure to Communicate Snatching Victory from Failure’s Grasp Conclusion and Lessons Learned
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