17 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 292 2017 university presses in Canada. In order to conceptualize both the format and rationale for undertaking the survey, the overarching research questions to be addressed in the project, as well as the key variables defining the specific survey questions that would be posed to the sample population, the research group undertook a comprehensive literature review. This review focused on current research on monograph publishing, with a focus on financial and business models for dissemination, including case studies, theoretical models, and research articles. The project sought to explore the following research questions: 1. What alternative and/or open access publishing business models are currently being used for monograph publishing by Canadian university presses, and have any of these proven to be successful? 2. Of the publishing and funding models identified, which might Canadian university presses likely embrace to facilitate greater dissemination of published works that is both sustainable and economically sound? 3. How might university libraries and university presses work towards establishing new collaborative approaches to publishing scholarly monographs in Canada? The working group designed the survey in the tradition of surveys undertaken by the American Association of University Presses (AAUP), specifically the Press and Library Collaboration survey (AAUP Library Relations Committee).2 Our survey was administered to the sample population in spring 2015, with a two-month completion window. Each recipient received a personalized email invitation accompanied by a detailed outline of the provenance and rationale for the survey, information about the researchers (names, affiliations), the project objectives and intended methods of dissemination, as well as a link to a Consent Agreement form. The survey instrument was a standardized online questionnaire created using SurveyMonkey, an online survey tool. A link to participate was embedded in the invitation. This
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