25 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 290 2017 half of their undergraduates meet their expectations when it comes to the following four major information literacy competencies: Citing sources, according to 33% of faculty Finding appropriate scholarly information on their research topic, according to 38% of faculty Developing and refining research topics, according to 39% of faculty Evaluating information sources critically, according to 35% of faculty (Figure 1) Figure 1: In 2014 33–39% of Cornell faculty said that fewer than half of their undergraduate students meet their information literacy expectations. On a more granular level, at some Cornell colleges and schools the situation is even more dire. For example, at one particular school up to 73% of faculty found that fewer than half their students had these important skills. The next survey question asked about the use of library instruction sessions designed to help build these skills in students. Only 31% of respondents had used these services, 69% had not. Of those who had
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