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Footnotes may also include errata and corrections to data from prior years not previously reported. Numbers refer
to columns in Library Data Tables and to Questionnaire numbers. Unless otherwise stated all figures are as of
Question Number Footnote
All figures are as of 09/30/2014.
7.a Purchase of large online resources in 2012–2013 not repeated in 2013–2014.
7.c Increased expenses associated with online software support.
9 Computer hardware purchases in 2012–2013 not repeated in 2013–2014.
15 Not provided.
1 Increase due to large record loads for new and updated e-book packages. E-book records newly
loaded FY14 for Making of Modern Law, LoisLaw, and Hein Online packages.
2 Reduction in volume count is due to aggressive weeding in preparation for the Law Library’s
move to new facility.
7.c Purchased MARC records for any new and some existing electronic databases from an
outside vendor.
9 Installed new flooring and had some chutes built for the weeding project. Also purchased video
equipment and new workstations.
10 Fringe benefits include medical, retirement, insurance.
13.b Last year two people left the library and their positions were not replaced.
15 Began reaching out to professors for seminars, volunteering to give presentations so this
number increased.
16 We had fewer requests.
21 Due to changes in lending policies made last year. Expanded the types of libraries we would
lend to and began lending articles from Hein.
22 Due to an increased number of requests from Law Journal. This may be as a result of the
cancellation of print sources in the Law Library or could be just the types of articles they were
working on.
7.c Includes: Doc. Delivery/ILL (43,409), Coll. Mgt. Util. ($35,336), and binding ($8,325).
18 See counts on Main Library survey as it is for all Boston University libraries.
All figures are as of 05/31/2014.
1 Law Library “titles held” are reported in the aggregated totals reported by the Thomas P. O’Neill
10 For all benefits eligible full-time professional and support staff employed by the Law Library, the
fringe benefit rate was 38% in FY 2014.
12, 17, 18, 19, 20 The University Library reports this number for all libraries at Boston College.
21, 22 These figures reflect requests made and requests by the Law Library only.
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