8 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 289 2016 actually walked closer to the sound of the gunfire to see what it was. Other students continued to study and didn’t take the situation seriously—like it was a fire drill.” As reality hit, though, students sought shelter in the corners of the Commons or raced up the stairs to other floors. A few fled the building, seeking safety on the campus green in front of the library. But it was eerily quiet in the lobby. Where was the shooter? Christian crossed into the lobby, and could see that things weren’t right. The security desk was empty but students continued to walk in and out of the building like nothing was amiss. A delivery driver came in with a pizza order. Then Christian noticed Myron May in the corner, and Christian’s blood froze. “I heard the distinct metal-on-metal sound of a revolver or a clip being reloaded.” As unobtrusively as possible, Christian headed back into the Commons. “I saw everyone congregating near the service desk and I immediately begin clearing the floor. I was telling students, staff—anyone—to get off the floor now. On the other side of the desk, Nathan was collapsed on the floor, stark white and clutching his leg. ‘He shot me in the leg,’ he said, and I froze. Those were the longest few moments of my life.” As Christian ran to retrieve the first aid kit from the security office, he heard gunfire in the distance—POP POP POP POP POP POP POP—and dropped to the floor, only to jump up immediately and start herding people to the nearest escape route, a nearby stairwell. “Then, to my immense relief, here came Sergeant Wiley and Officer O.J., armed to the teeth.” The Police The first call to FSU Police Communications was placed at 12:25 a.m., and police were immediately dispatched. Within 90 seconds of the first call, officers from the FSU Police Department and the City of Tallahassee Police Department were on scene. Because of the strong partnerships
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