21 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 289 2016 FSU community comes together for a Gathering of Unity, November 20, 2014. Photo credit: Matthew Paskert/FSView. The Counseling Center held an open meeting in the afternoon to help the university community understand their reactions to the crisis and how to care for themselves, and to inform them of resources available to them. Michelle was on the program. It was packed with people who were upset but seemed reassured by the quick response of the university. Although it was difficult for her, Michelle thanked everyone for their support and expressed gratitude that the community had come together in such a meaningful way. At the several press conferences that occurred throughout the day, more details emerged. We learned the identity of the victims. Most grievously injured was an engineering student, hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds and probably paralyzed. Nathan Scott, our employee, was in the hospital awaiting surgery to his leg. Aside from them and the student who was grazed by a bullet, and of course the shooter himself, no one else was hurt, even though hundreds of students had been in the line of fire for those few crucial minutes.
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