11 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 289 2016 Strozier Library, November 20, 2014. Photo credit: Florida State University. Parking near Strozier Library, Katie saw a sky eerily lit by the flashing lights of police cruisers and emergency vehicles. Barricades and crime- scene tape surrounded the library building. “I approached an officer sitting in his cruiser. ‘Excuse me, officer. I’m an associate dean in the libraries. I need to speak to someone about what’s going on.’ I was lucky. The officer’s wife was a PhD student so my title meant something to him. He told me what little he knew and went off to find his sergeant.” The sergeant wasn’t sure what to do with Katie, but brought her through the lines to stand alongside FSU’s director of communications, who was also trying to gather facts and make sense of the event, in anticipation of a press conference. Bridgett, Katie’s colleague and head of the Learning Commons, texted to say she was on her way. A few minutes later Katie was leading Bridgett through the police lines. They shared information with each other, trying to develop a coherent understanding of what had taken place. Bridgett was texting with her employees in Strozier and Dirac Libraries, but questions and confusion prevailed over facts. More and more news trucks and reporters arrived. Katie and Bridgett spotted two university officials—the vice president for student affairs
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