MANITOBA Includes Elizabeth Dafoe, Albert D. Cohen, Sciences and Technology,
Architecture/Fine Arts/Music, William R. Newman (Agriculture), D.S. Woods
(Education), St. John’s College, and Fr. Harold Drake libraries.
Excludes Carolyn Sifton-Helene Fuld St. Boniface Hospital, Victoria General
Hospital, Seven Oaks General Hospital, Grace General Hospital, Concordia
Hospital, Deer Lodge, Misercordia, and Riverview Health Center libraries.
Includes Main Library and all branch libraries.
MASSACHUSETTS Includes DuBois (main) library and the Integrated Sciences and Engineering
MIAMI Includes Main, Marine, Business, and Architecture libraries.
MICHIGAN Includes Askwith Media, Asia, Biological Station, Dentistry, Fine Arts, Hatcher
Graduate, Map, Art/Architecture/Engineering, Museums, Music , Science,
UGL, Social Work, and Special Collections libraries.
Excludes Bentley, Clements, Kresge Business Administration, and Gerald R.
Ford Presidential libraries.
MISSOURI Includes Main, Journalism, Engineering, Veterinary-Medical, and Newspaper
Includes Aménagement (Environmental Development), Bibliothéconomie et 
sciences de l’information (Library and Information Sciences), Botanique 
(Botany), Chimie (Chemistry), Didacthèque (Educational Resources), ÉPC‐
Biologie (Education‐Communication‐Psychology‐PSychoeducation‐Biology), 
Géographie (Geography), Kinésiologie (Kinesiology), Lettres et sciences 
humaines (Humanities and Social Sciences), Livres rares et collections spéciales 
(Rare books and Special Collections), Mathématiques et informatique 
(Mathematics and Computer Sciences), Médecine vétérinaire (Veterinary), 
Musique (Music), Optométrie (Optometry), Physique (Physics), École 
polytechnique  (Affiliated School), and HEC Montréal (Affiliated School) 
Excludes Paramédicale (Paramedics) library. 
NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL LIBRARY All salaries are tracked with benefits.
NEBRASKA Includes all University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus libraries: Love,
Architecture, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Music, and C.Y. Thompson.
Includes Centennial Science and Engineering Library, Fine Arts Library, Parish
Memorial Library, Zimmerman Library, Law Library, and Health Sciences
Library & Informatics Center.
Excludes branch campuses in Gallup, Los Alamos, Taos, and Valencia.
NEW YORK Includes Elmer Holmes Bobst, Institute of Fine Arts, Courant Institute of
Mathematical Sciences, and Real Estate libraries.
NORTH CAROLINA STATE Includes D. H. Hill (main), Design, Natural Resources, Textiles, Veterinary Medical,
and Learning Resources libraries.
Effective 2006-07, a number of librarians considered to be “assistant department heads”
were reclassified from HDOTH (as reported in previous surveys) to the non-
supervisory or specialist positions appropriate to their assignments. These positions do
not spend the “bulk of their time in supervision” as per the HDOTH designation.
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