c. Functional Specialists (FSPEC). Indicate any non-supervisory staff who are primarily
responsible for the following activities using the codes below:
Acquisitions ACQ Development Officer DVP
Interlibrary Loan ILL Marketing/Communications COM
Serials SER
d. Subject Specialists, Reference Librarians, Catalogers, and Public Services (SSPEC, REF, CAT,
PUBS). Use these codes to indicate non-supervisory main and/or branch library staff who specialize in one
of the following subject areas (either a sub-field, or the entire area). Do not add codes for staff in these
positions who have broader, other, or mixed subject responsibilities (e.g. more than one field specialty); but
do include subject specialists who also have some (i.e. 50% or less) general or other assignments.
Science & Tech. SCI Humanities/Fine Arts HFA
Social/Behavioral Sci. SBS Undergraduate Library UGL
e. Head, Cataloging Department/Unit (HDCAT). Use the codes below to indicate whether the person
is the head of the entire cataloging department for the library, or the head of a specialized unit. If the
person is head of the whole department, repeat the same HDCAT code as in the earlier column.
Head, all cataloging HDCAT Head, foreign languages HDF
Head, copy cataloging HDC Head, non-book formats HDN
Head, serials cat. HDS Head, other special cat. HDO
f. Head, Other Department/Service/Agency (HDOTH). For heads of departments not given a separate
category in the major list, please add one of the following codes:
Audio Visual/Media AVM Business/Personnel Office BPO
Preservation PRS Other OTH
Interlibrary Loan LL Archivist ARC
3. Library degrees earned (LibDeg). Use the following codes to indicate the highest academic degree earned
in the field of librarianship:
0 None
1 Bachelor
2 Master
3 CAGS (6th yr. certificate)
4 Doctorate (Other than Ph.D.)
5 Ph.D.
4. Other degrees earned (OtherDeg). Use the following codes to indicate the highest degree earned in fields
other than librarianship, including basic undergraduate education:
0 None
1 Bachelor
2 Master
3 Second Master (i.e., 2 subject fields)
4 CAGS (6th-year certificate)
6 Doctorate (Other than Ph.D.)
7 Ph.D.
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