includes the Dykes Library.
Excludes the University of Kansas School of Medicine Library in Wichita, KS,
and the Clendening History of Medicine Library in Kansas City, KS.
KENT STATE Includes the Main Library, the branch libraries (Chemistry/Physics,
Architecture, Fashion, Music, Map), and regional libraries (East Liverpool,
Ashtabula, Beauga, Trumbul, Tuscarawas, Salem, Stark).
Salaries reported are based on the June 1, 2003 contract, which is still being
LIBRARY OF CONGRESS Salaries include Professional and Administrative positions.
LOUISIANA STATE Includes the School of Veterinary Medicine.
LOUISVILLE Includes Ekstrom (Main), Art, Kersey, and Music libraries.
McGILL Includes the Library Systems Office, Library Technical Services, ILL/Document
Delivery, and the Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and
Engineering, Rare Books, Arts and Architecture, Biology, Education,
Management, Islamic Studies, MacDonald, Campus, Music, EDRS, and
Government libraries.
Medical Library data includes the Life Sciences Library and the Osler History
of Medicine Library.
Includes Mills Memorial Library, Thode Library of Science and Engineering,
Innis (Business) Library, and Health Sciences (which includes Library Services
in Northern Ontario).
MANITOBA Includes Elizabeth Dafoe, Albert D. Cohen, Sciences and Technology,
Architecture/Fine Arts/Music, William R. Newman (Agriculture), D.S. Woods
(Education), St. John’s College, and Fr. Harold Drake libraries.
Excludes Carolyn Sifton-Helene Fuld St. Boniface Hospital, Victoria General
Hospital, Seven Oaks General Hospital, Grace General Hospital, and Concordia
Hospital libraries.
MARYLAND Includes Main library and all branch libraries.
MASSACHUSETTS Includes DuBois Library (Main), and the Integrated Sciences & Engineering
The General Library data includes 3 non-librarian professional positions, and 2
positions from the Marine branch library.
MICHIGAN Includes Askwith Media, Asia, Biological Station, Dentistry, Fine Arts, Hatcher
Graduate, Map, Art/Architecture/Engineering, Museums, Music , Science,
UGL, Social Work, and Special Collections libraries.
Excludes Bentley, Clements, Kresge Business Administration, and Gerald R.
Ford Presidential libraries.
MISSOURI Includes Main, Journalism, Newspaper, Math, Geology, and Veterinary
Medicine libraries.
MONTREAL Includes Environmental Development, Library and Information Sciences,
Botany, Chemistry, Educational Resources, Education-Communication-
Psychology-Psychoeducation-Biology, Geography, Kinesiology, Humanities
and Social Sciences, Rare Books and Special Collections, Mathematics and
Computer Sciences, Veterinary, Music, Optometry, Paramedics, Physics, École
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