The files contain empty worksheets with the required columns labeled as follows:
Name/ID LibID Page Line Salary Job Sex OEOcat Yrsexp Rank Percent
Every five years, data are tracked in the following five optional categories:
YrBirth JobAdd LibDeg OthDeg YrsLib
The final six columns, which are optional, are included in accordance with standards for the classification of
federal data on race and ethnicity:
Hispanic or Latino
Amer. Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African-American
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander
The first entry in the column labeled “LibID” is already filled in so there will be no question about the
institutional identity of the files as they are received. If the files have been damaged in any way or if the
number in the LibID column is not the same as the library number at
http://www.arl.org/stats/arlstat/instno_inam.html , please call the ARL Office for instructions.
Detailed instructions follow for inputting data in each format. Please do not alter any formats, page or line
numbers. After all data have been entered, make a backup copy of the complete file (including individual
names/ID numbers) for your institution’s master file, if you wish to refer to this file in the future. Note: The
data submitted to ARL does NOT include individual names or ID numbers, so ARL will NOT be able to supply
a copy of your institution’s complete file next year.
5. Salary. Enter the individual salaries as they exist on July 1, 2005. If the library normally increases salaries at a
date later than July 1, and the salary as of that later date is known or can be estimated (within $100 or so) by the
time the questionnaire is due to be returned, use the higher salary figure and footnote the effective date and/or
whether the reported figures are known or estimated. Please do not hold up the reporting process for later salary
adjustments. Salaries should be reported for all filled positions. Vacant positions should be excluded from your
Salary figures should be rounded off to the nearest whole dollar. Use digits only; do NOT use “$” or “,” in
reporting in figures (e.g., 25470, not $25,470).
6. Position Code (Job). The position categories used in this survey are intended to correspond roughly with the
activities carried on in libraries, not with any particular pattern of staff organization or nomenclature. Please
use these categories in the manner you feel best applies to your library. Indicate a position title by means of one
of the following codes.
DIRLIB Director of Libraries (or equivalent title; refers to chief executive)
ASCDIR Associate Director
ASTDIR Assistant Director
HDMED Head, Medical Library (Human Medicine only)
HDLAW Head, Law Library
HDBR Head, Other Branch Library (including Veterinary Medicine)
FSPEC Functional Specialist
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