SPEC Kit 339: Innovation and R&D · 89
University Libraries Strategic Plan, 2012–2020
Strategy 4: Encourage and support entrepreneurship.
Objective: Create and implement a process to support innovative projects and learning
Objective: Pursue opportunities for regional and national collaborations that advance strategic
Objective: Expand revenue sources for the libraries.
Goal 3: Document and communicate the value, activities, expertise and impact of the
University Libraries
Strategy 1: Develop a cohesive and cogent identity program.
Objective: Create a visual branding package for general use.
Objective: Develop a consistent story/message about the libraries and their goals.
Strategy 2: Investigate and implement an effective marketing program.
Objective: Develop appropriate communication strategies for our multiple user groups.
Objective: Make creative use of current technologies to disseminate our message.
Objective: Identify and develop expertise needed to provide high-quality, professional
marketing products and services.
By the year 2020, we expect digital collections to have grown substantially and be the resource of
choice for most users. Collaborations among academic research libraries will be strengthened in order
to ensure access to a full range of scholarly materials. The one area where acquisition of print materials
will continue to be robust is in special and/or historical collections. The libraries will have implemented
a well-defined preservation plan for our most important assets and local scholarship. The libraries will
employ the latest technologies for connecting users to resources at the point of need.
Goal 4: Provide thoughtfully chosen and curated resources to better serve the University and
our research communities, and to enhance the Libraries’ and University’s reputations as
centers for learning and research.
Strategy 1: Develop and implement comprehensive collection development plans based on user
needs and institutional strengths
Objective: Each library will conduct a thorough assessment of current holdings
Objective: Each library will develop a plan that addresses the future development of its
Objective: Restructure acquisition processes in response to the needs of faculty, students,
and other researchers
Strategy 2: Assess and address preservation and storage needs of analog and digital materials
Objective: Develop and implement print retention, storage and preservation policies
Objective: Develop a special collections storage plan
Objective: Pursue opportunities for inter-institutional collaboration/collection development
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