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University Libraries Strategic Plan, 2012–2020
University Libraries
Strategic Plan, 2012-2020
As an essential partner in the University of Louisville’s mission to become a premier, nationally-
recognized, metropolitan university, the Libraries meet the information, research and service needs of
a diverse population.
Transform relationships, collections, and spaces to become a nationally recognized model of user-
focused, research library services.
User information needs drives decision-making and resource allocations.
Experimentation is encouraged and rewarded.
Collaboration internally and externally is encouraged and rewarded.
We value and act upon the ideas of our faculty and staff.
We celebrate the distinctive strengths of each library and department within the system, and remain
committed to system-wide goals.
By the year 2020, library services will be provided at the time, place and point of user need. Given the
libraries’ many different user communities, we will use multiple service models to achieve our vision.
Our knowledge about users comes from reliable, relevant data related to their preferences, activities
and needs, and this knowledge drives future changes. The libraries’ organization will be structured to
promote continuous effective and creative responses to users’ learning and research behaviors. Faculty
and staff will have the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in this environment and be change
agents themselves. The University Libraries vision will be recognized locally and beyond.
Goal 1: Engage and learn more about our users and our community to meet their evolving
Strategy 1: Increase data collection about users’ needs, information-seeking behaviors and
perceptions of the libraries
Objective: Develop a plan for broad-based user assessment
Objective: Use on-going focus groups and surveys to get direct feedback about the user
experience and unmet needs
Objective: Identify and use unobtrusive techniques for understanding when and how users
interact with library resources
Objective: Create a Libraries-level student advisory board
Objective: Improve capacity for collecting and managing relevant data about the libraries.
Objective: Explore the potential needs of faculty, staff and students who do not use the
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