34 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 298 2019 establish shared goals and questions and propose their own technical approaches before they get too far into the exploration, insight, and predictive phases of their work. These project proposals are also discussed with the data science interest group. We learned that some early-career data scientists can quickly learn how to use a high- performance computing system on their own, but that managers need to work hard to encourage them to work with domain-savvy clients, and to cultivate them to draw their own insights from data. Finally, we can confirm what others describe: data scientists work best in small teams (teams of two plus a manager worked for us) to which members bring complementary skills.22 If the library continues to offer this service, it will be important to provide an environment in which teams can tackle projects together and regularly share their work with interested colleagues. Taken together, these experiences have shaped a functioning data science program that serves the needs of clients both within the library and with the Agricultural Research Service’s Office of National Programs. We used the experience we gained managing data science fellows to work with ARS and other USDA agencies to prepare a menu of data science position description snippets that could be used to effectively tailor job postings or statements of work that would be effective in recruiting talent. These position description snippets were tested when recruiting the data science contractors, and they are designed to be included in any new position inside or outside the library where data science skills are needed. While the two teams of data curators and data scientists typically work separately, the data scientists have provided valuable feedback to the features of our data catalog and of our APIs. They represent an emerging community of library users—developers and analysts who will use library products and services to do analytics and derive new knowledge.
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