20 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 298 2019 (IP) policy whereby any of the center’s inventions would be released under an open license. UC Berkeley’s Institute for Data Science (BIDS) and UW’s eScience Institute also have working groups to advance reproducibility and open science. According to Steeves, the MSDSE has contributed to a wider conversation about openness at NYU in general. NYU is currently launching an undergraduate Data Science course, which may lead ultimately to an undergraduate major. But Hogg pointed out that the MSDSE project did not set out to create formal degree programs at its three sites. Rather, it was used to create informal educational opportunities that would draw from and aid the disciplines. For example, one of the accomplishments Hogg is most proud of is CDS’s deployment of Hack Weeks—informal opportunities to learn by doing in the company of experts. He was a co-author of “Hack Weeks as a Model for Data Science Education and Collaboration,” along with colleagues from UC Berkeley and UW, which assesses this work at the three institutions in promoting interdisciplinarity, methods rigor, skill building, and positive attitudes toward open science in general.6 Geohackweek, Oceanhackweek, and Waterhackweek were created and sponsored at UW’s eScience Institute after the initial Astrohackweek offering. The MSDSE provided all three site institutions the opportunity to experiment with different approaches to education and different partnership arrangements. While UC Berkeley and UW Libraries each housed the initial MSDSE sites, at NYU, the CDS started out in temporary space, and then worked closely with the libraries when it designed its new permanent space. The library, Hogg came to find out, had a deep understanding of how people across the campus and across disciplines use space—for writing, reading, interacting with technology, and collaborating. The library had experience with modularity and flexibility in space design that greatly informed CDS’s new environment. Likewise, the growth of data science throughout the university has influenced the library’s collecting, such as purchasing more vendor-
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