21 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 298 2019 produced data sets, responding to students’ need for big data (for example, large social media feeds), and integrating APIs into their collection and discovery environment. The library has also ramped up its teaching of data literacy, and there is a new CDS-IT-library joint program called DS3 (data science and software services). UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Institute for Data Science What faculty needed their future graduate students to know, no undergraduate program in the world taught. —David Culler, UC Berkeley David Culler and Cathryn Carson were among the original co- investigators on the MSDSE grant to UC Berkeley. Culler is the interim dean for Data Sciences, and Carson is the faculty lead on UCB’s undergraduate Data Science program. In 2012, when data science was still an emerging field, Culler, Carson, and their colleagues began an extensive inventory of related practice throughout the university, and began planning to launch the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) in order to be competitive as an MSDSE site. Hundreds of faculty participated in the inventory that led to BIDS and eventually their successful proposal. “What faculty needed their future graduate students to know, no undergraduate program in the world taught,” said Culler. The process, he added, “revealed a crack in the foundations of the research university. The world had changed and we had not gotten out ahead of it.” Carson, a trained historian, was even more pointed: “UC Berkeley was ready when the Moore-Sloan funding was on the table.” Undergraduates were moving in greater numbers to “real- world facing” computer science, statistics, and applied math programs. “Students were ready, and they were basically trying to do it on their own without the university,” Carson said. Once the university launched BIDS, based in Doe Library, as a new center of data science activity, other programs became involved, including the College of Engineering and the I School. With MSDSE investment, UC Berkeley built a data science curriculum from the first-year-student class up. “As we saw it, this was a moment to rethink
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