19 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 298 2019 Research libraries are keenly interested in supporting data-intensive science under conditions of privacy, human subjects protection, and inclusivity. The commitment to ethics within the MSDSE and other academic data science programs bodes well for the library as a critical campus partner in the future of data science education. NYU and the Center for Data Science As we transition to data-intensive scientific discovery, we have the opportunity to address these issues through software tools and practices that support the sharing, preservation, provenance tracking, and reproducibility of data, software, and scientific workflows.5 —“Reproducibility and Open Science,” Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments Professor David W. Hogg (Physics and Data Science) served as executive director of the MSDSE at NYU in 2013–2015. Hogg has been involved with the project and the Center for Data Science (CDS) from the beginning. He emphasized interdisciplinarity as the main driver of the Moore-Sloan grant, and of the resulting transformation to data science education at NYU. While the NYU Libraries were not an original partner on the grant, Hogg acknowledged, he quickly learned that the library is “the most interdisciplinary place on campus,” and credited the library for its influence on the CDS over the life of the MSDSE grant. In fact, in 2015, Vicky Steeves was appointed librarian for research data management and reproducibility, reporting jointly to the NYU Libraries and the CDS. Steeves talked to ARL staff about how the norms and practices within data science—namely openness and reproducibility—are helping to transform disciplines that interface with CDS as well as the library. “Data science is a set of methods involving lots of computing power, lots of fast access to data, and the norms are open,” said Steeves. Hogg also talked about openness as a cultural norm, and explained that by working with Moore and Sloan, along with NYU’s lawyers and a legal team at UW, the CDS was able to construct an intellectual property
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