2 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 295 2018 In This Issue Demographic Trends in the ARL Library Professional Population: An Overview 3 Delayed Retirements and the Youth Movement among ARL Library Professionals 6 Retirements Delayed, Not Eliminated Youth Movement Starts Now? A Case of Very Delayed Retirement? A Delayed but Significant Youth Movement Endnotes Hiring and Staffing Trends in ARL Libraries 17 Continued Rise of Nontraditional Professional Jobs Present and Near-Term Demand for Job Categories The Special Case of Library Leadership New Hires and the MLS Degree Professional Hiring in the Context of Overall Library Staffing Endnotes Selected Demographic Trends in the ARL Professional Population 32 Canadian Salary Advantage Historically Underrepresented Groups Female and Male ARL Professionals Millennials Endnotes
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