Scholarly Communications:
Planning for the Integration
of Liaison Librarian Roles
Joy Kirchner, Librarian for Collections, Licensing and Digital Scholarship,
University of British Columbia Library
Note: Joy Kirchner was seconded from some of her other duties so that she could focus
more fully on scholarly communications in the role of Project Manager for Scholarly
Communications from late 2007 to March 2009.
he University of British Columbia designated Scholarly Communi-
cations as one of its major focus areas from late 2007 to spring 2009.
this end, we seconded a Project Manager and a project team to
develop a formal scholarly communications project plan. The aim of the project
was to develop a set of recommendations to define the Library’s role in scholarly
communication, to conduct formalized discussion and education of these issues
with campus stakeholders, and to begin to identify recommended and
sustainable service models.
The project first identified campus stakeholders, including faculty,
researchers, administrators, library, and publishing constituencies and
constructed a Steering Committee made up of representatives from these
stakeholder groups to help guide the project. As the front line librarians to our
researchers and faculty, the Steering Committee identified liaison librarians as a
key stakeholder group to not only help us engage with our community as we
began the process of formalized discussion and education, but also to help us
and the Library to develop a picture of scholarly communications activities on
our campus at the discipline level. Since the major thrust of the project was
concerned with information gathering for future planning and decision making,
liaison librarians’ disciplinary networks could be crucial to formulating a picture
of changes at the system level and in bringing that back to the Library. With such
information we believed we could also better understand how liaison roles
could potentially shift to meet new scholarly practices and research behaviour.
RLI 265
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