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Library Review: Campus Consultation Document (excerpts)
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3. Moving Forward Partnerships and the MCR Goals
The University of Waterloo Library has a proud history of innovation and entrepreneurship in
service to uWaterloo students, faculty, and staff. Guided by the Library’s Mission Statement
(Appendix A) and in recent years by a focus on the three strategic areas of e-initiatives, space,
and student experience, we have enjoyed many accomplishments (Appendix B). At the same
time, we have also faced considerable challenges (Appendix C).
To move forward effectively, we are now positioning the Library to leverage, strengthen, and
advance the MCR key goals. Already, the Library’s emerging strategic and enabling directions
are aligning with and supporting the MCR key and enabling goals.
To further our efforts in these areas, partnerships will be key. They are the lifeblood of many
critical services provided by the Library. Within the University, we regularly collaborate with a
wide range of units and actively participate on campus committees such as the Faculty
Councils, Senate, Senate Undergraduate Council, and Senate Graduate &Research Council.
We also participate in numerous external consortia and associations to share technological
infrastructures, leverage large-scale resource purchasing and licencing initiatives across
universities, and collaborate on various public policy matters (Appendix D).
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