SPEC Kit 339: Innovation and R&D · 129
New Learning Initiative
Prospectus 8.24.2012 v3
Objective: advance teaching and learning by examining the total process.
Scope: use various tools, techniques, frameworks, and perspectives to research,
observe, and recommend ways to strengthen learning and to expand the role of the
library. Position the library as learning consultants—not just information consultants.
Example 1: the toolkit will include curriculum mapping, threshold concepts, teaching
taxonomy’s (i.e. Bloom’s), etc.
Example 2: a focus will be to explore processes. For example, take learning a
language, there are various people and components involved (classrooms, Scholar,
language lab, department, library collections, student orgs, etc) our effort would
strive to bring these groups together to talk about streamlining the process.
Note 1: another way of thinking of this is lifecycle research. This is both at a micro
and macro level, both the life of a particular assignment and the long view
accumulation of skills and knowledge.
Note 2: our aim to view the spectrum of learning use a 360-degree lens. This
includes talking with all parties involved: current students, alumni (recent),
instructors, advisors, tutors, teaching assistants, College Librarians, and others.
Once we unravel all the steps along the way, we can position the library more
effectively and embrace new roles.
Note 3: additionally, will explore the knowledge-building process to observe and
articulate engagement opportunities.
Objective: encourage and support a rich and active learning experience that extends
beyond the classroom.
Scope: coordinate a framework that enables instructional support, social learning,
showcasing (display &exhibits,) celebration/reception, and archiving.
Example: the Undergraduate Research Conference 2012 was a good example of
this type of effort. This moved the library well beyond a purely instructional function
and involved into a genuine partnership.
Note 1: will need to work closely with College Librarians and Library Commons
group in order for this to succeed.
Note 2: this approach supports the live-learn and related communities, as opposed
to the library being an independent entity.
Objective: encourage Virginia Tech to embrace open learning strategies
Scope: seek to educate and promote the concept of open education as it relates to
textbooks and other materials, as well as access to instructional content.
Note: this could run parallel to open access publishing effort
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