RLI 279 6 June 2012 Research Library Issues: A QuarterlLy Report from ARL, CNI, and SPARC Model Deed of Gift B. Transfer of copyright ownership: Please select only one of the following options. q I irrevocably assign to the University any and all copyrights I control in the Donated Mate- rials. q I retain full ownership of any and all copyrights I currently control in the Donated Materi- als, but I grant the University a nonexclusive right to authorize all uses of these materials for non-commercial research, scholarly, or other educational purposes pursuant to a Cre- ative Commons Attribution, Non-commercial license. q I do not transfer or intend to transfer copyright ownership to the University. Regardless of my above choice as to transfer of copyright ownership, I acknowledge that some of the discretionary uses incidental to the Donated Materials’ inclusion in the collections of the University (including, but not limited to, exhibition, display, and research access) may implicate copyrights. To the extent that such activities are not already permitted under statutory copyright exceptions such as fair use, I grant the University an irrevocable non-exclusive royalty-free worldwide perpetual license for all reasonable discretionary uses. SIGNATURE OF DONOR: I (we) represent and warrant that I am (we are) the sole owner(s) of the materials described above that I (we) have full right, power, and authority to give the materials to the University and that the informa- tion I (we) have provided is accurate. The terms of this Deed of Gift shall apply to all of the Donated Materials described on Exhibit A and on any subsequently delivered Exhibit notwithstanding that some materials may be delivered before or after the date of this Deed of Gift. Signed:(DONOR) ___________________________________________________________________________ this [insert day here] day of [insert month here], 20[complete year here]. Signed:(DONOR) ___________________________________________________________________________ this [insert day here] day of [insert month here], 20[complete year here]. ACCEPTANCE BY UNIVERSITY: [NAME] Libraries hereby accepts this gift on behalf of the [University] with appreciation and agrees to the conditions stated in this Deed of Gift. _______________________________________________________ Date: ___________________ Name: __________________________________ Title: __________________________________ EXHIBIT A TO DEED OF GIFT Description of Donated Materials
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