RLI 279 16 June 2012 Research Library Issues: A QuarterlLy Report from ARL, CNI, and SPARC Model Digitization Agreement Appendix A General Description of the Project [insert here]. Paragraph 1(a): Times and hours of access to the Library collections. Paragraph 1(b): Description of targeted collections of the Library. Paragraph 1(d): Materials to which the Parties may claim copyright ownership. [Note: the general desire is that neither the Publisher nor the Library will claim copyright in the Digital Copies or in the descriptive metadata. However, it is conceivable that the parties might choose to retain copyright on such substantive elements as abstracts and bibliographic notes that could be part of the metadata. To the extent that such assertions of rights are desirable, they should be itemized here. Nothing in this provision affects rights in the original works that any person might hold.] Paragraph 3(b): Schedule for pulling and sending Works to the Publisher. Paragraph 3(d): Description of metadata to be provided by the Library to the Publisher. [Note: Add general description of the available metadata, e.g., data available in MARC records for each title.] Paragraph 4(b): Fees to be paid by the Publisher to the Library and schedule of payments. Paragraph 4(c): Standards for the Digital Copies. [Note: Add technical details for the quality and standards for the Digital Copies. NARA’s digiti- zation strategy provides some examples: http://www.archives.gov/digitization/strategy.html.] Paragraph 4(d): Schedule for making and delivering the Digital Copies. Paragraph 4(e): Limits on uses of the Digital Copies by Publisher. Paragraph 4(f): Guidelines for handling of physical materials. Paragraph 5: Limits on uses of the Digital Copies by the Library. Paragraph 10(d): Addresses for Notices. [Note: Add mailing addresses and other contact information for the Parties.]
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