52 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
While the library does not have a separate R&D unit, there are two committees tasked with fostering innovation.
The Innovation and Program Enrichment grant committee accepts grant applications on a yearly basis for innovative
solutions to observed program and/or service needs. Launch Pad Services assists library staff with digital publishing or
innovative business ideas for the library.
25. Please indicate the source(s) of funds to support library research &development activities. Check
all that apply. N=30
Library operating budget 29 97%
Library grant to staff 8 27%
Separate library R&D budget line 3 10%
Library gift fund earmarked for R&D 3 10%
Library endowment fund earmarked for R&D 2 7%
Parent institution grant to library 12 40%
Parent institution endowment fund earmarked for R&D 0 0%
Parent institution gift fund earmarked for R&D 0 0%
Other source of funds, please briefly describe 14 47%
Campus funds earmarked for technology or space upgrades or teaching and learning grants
External funding: foundations and general sources, targeted gifts (major &minor)
External grants and partnerships
External grants or non-restricted endowment funds
External grants, one-time funding from university administration
Externally sponsored research (i.e., federal, state agency private or corporate foundation)
Foundation and federal grants
Grant funding (Mellon, IMLS)
Grant funding for specialized purposes
Grants directly sought by department.
Library non-specific discretionary funds. We do not really differentiate between “innovation” and “R&D” in how we
fund projects. They are often a little bit of both, and we use the same pots of money.
Occasional grants
Outside grants from NEH, Mellon, etc.
Partnerships, internal &external, e.g., research grants. Fee for service contracts, e.g., digital preservation &research
data management.
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