42 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Instructional/course development
Mentoring from department heads, administration, and experienced faculty
National and international policy and advocacy experience
New hires who bring transferrable skills.
Our Organization Development division develops initiative-specific professional programs, as well as providing
consultation services around a project.
Outreach/networking with peer institutions
Previous work experience before joining the library
Recruited individuals into the organization with the needed skill sets in many instances.
Thinking outside the box is an important skill that is fostered through encouragement by senior leaders.
16. Please identify any specific professional development programs or conferences you are aware of
that inspire innovative thought and activities. N=22
Access conference http://accessconference.ca/
Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) conference http://www.cni.org/
Code{4}lib conference http://code4lib.org/
Innovation Boot Camp http://innovationbootcamp.wordpress.com/
American Library Association, EDUCAUSE
CNI, LITA, Computers in Libraries, EDUCAUSE, Disciplinary Meetings like MLA, World History Conference, etc.
CNI, EDUCAUSE, Access (Canada), PA-SIG
Coalition for Networked Information, Access, ARL LMSI
D School, Startup Camp, Next Web Conference, there are tons
Designing Libraries for the 21st Century
Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum
DLF Forum, Code4Lib, EDUCAUSE, ALA, LITA, ACRL conferences, JCDL, HathiTrust Research Center UnCamp
EDUCAUSE, CNI meetings and events, CLIR workshops on participatory design, some assessment and UX conferences
For library application development, the Code4Lib conference brings together programmers and project managers
working on many innovative projects. Other library conferences [ALA, LITA, ACRL, DLF Forum, E&RL, etc.] typically
provide exposure to innovative ideas, services, program that can inspire further innovation or new projects
InfoComm, Code4Lib
Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, (Library of Congress) Digital Preservation, iPres, CNI
Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, Coalition for Network Information Membership meetings, Open Repositories
annual meetings, Digital Library Federation Forums
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