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Library Review: Campus Consultation Document (excerpts)
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Appendix A: The Library’s Mission Statement
The Library’s mission statement is now under review with further consultation being planned.
At the December 2011 retreat, participants agreed that the current mission statement
(http://www.lib.uwaterloo.ca/info/Mission/MissionSt.html) remains relevant but that some of the
language is dated. The New Skills for New Times working group affirmed this view, noting that,
“An important discovery that we made is that many of the themes that have arisen over the last
few months are already stated as values in the Library’s mission statement.”
The Library’s current mission statement:
The University of Waterloo Library contributes to the achievement of the University's goals by
collaborating with other members of the University community in teaching, research, learning
and service.
The Library is committed to the following values:
lifelong learning
equitable access
intellectual freedom
confidentiality of access and records
communication and cooperation
continuous improvement
Client needs are primary, and the Library's goal is to create an environment for our clients to:
become more informed and knowledgeable
enhance their creative and critical skills
be inspired by intellectual curiosity
The Library's greatest resource is staff, and it is our goal to be:
guided by the mission
innovative and flexible
The Library trains and develops staff and provides the intellectual and physical environment to:
identify the information needs of the client community
relate those needs to available resources
provide access to those resources
facilitate the productive and proficient use of those resources
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