library, which can be closed off from the rest of the building. Some of these libraries have a “learning commons,” and others have only certain floors open for 24 hours. The remaining respondents in this group maintain regular 24/7 or 24/5 schedules in a library other than the main library, often in a science or engineering library. D. Those with main libraries open 24/7 only during finals—13 total (20%) E. Those with no 24-hour access indicated—6 total (9%) The compilation of responses showed that, among the 66 respondents, Olin Library is situated within the largest group like 36% percent of the respondents, we have a 24/7 space (Whispers Café), and this space is outside, though attached to, the main library. The responses also revealed other ways that ARL libraries provide 24-hour access. Among our respondents, more libraries operate RLI 277 18 Keeping the Doors Open: Exploring 24-Hour Library Access at Washington University ( C O N T I N U E D ) DECEMBER 2011 RESEARCH LIBRARY ISSUES: A QUARTERLY REPORT FROM ARL, CNI, AND SPARC A: 24/7 most of year (9%) B: 24/5 most of year (26%) C: 24/7 or 24/5 space (36%) D: 24/7 only during finals (20%) E: no 24-hour access (9%) 24-Hour Access in 66 ARL Libraries as reported in January 2011
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