ARL Transitions Albany, SUNY: Mary F. Casserly was named Dean and Director of Libraries effective September 1. She has served as Acting Dean and Director since March and was previously the Assistant Director for Collections and Assistant Director for Collections and User Services. Case Western Reserve: University Librarian Joanne Eustis has announced her retirement, effective December 31, 2009. Timothy Robson, currently deputy director, will serve as interim university librarian. Howard: Mod Mekkawi announced his intention to retire as Director of Libraries, effective December 2009. Indiana: Carolyn Walters was appointed Interim Ruth Lilly Dean of University Libraries at Indiana University, Bloomington following Patricia Steele’s departure to University of Maryland Libraries. Kent State: Mark Weber has announced that he will retire as Dean of University Libraries effective July 1, 2010. Maryland: Patricia A. Steele was appointed Dean of University Libraries, effective September 1. New York Public Library: Ann Thornton has been named Acting Andrew W. Mellon Director of The New York Public Libraries beginning in November. Ohio State: Carol Pitts Diedrichs was named Director of University Libraries effective January 5, 2010. Raimund Goerler is serving as Interim Director. Yale: Alice Prochaska announced her plans to resign as University Librarian, with a study leave beginning in January 2010. She was appointed Principal of Somerville College, Oxford, England, effective September 2010. ARL Staff Transitions Jaia Barrett, ARL Deputy Executive Director, announced her retirement effective spring 2010. Recruitment for a successor began with an announcement on the ARL Web site. Brandon Butler was named ARL Law and Policy Fellow in August. His one- year assignment at ARL to work on Public Policies matters is supported by the law firm Dow Lohnes. RLI 266 22 News and Calendar ( C O N T I N U E D ) OCTOBER 2009 RESEARCH LIBRARY ISSUES: A BIMONTHLY REPORT FROM ARL, CNI, AND SPARC
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