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Strategic Plan 2010/2013
McMaster University
Over the last five years, McMaster University Library has
transformed itself into an innovative, user-centred service
provider. We have responded to shifting student and faculty
expectations by dramatically changing our physical and
virtual spaces, by enhancing services, by enriching our unique
collections and by building strong relationships both on and
off campus.
Our new Strategic Plan provides a clear roadmap for continuing
this transformation. The new plan is based on a Balanced
Scorecard framework, thus reflecting our ongoing commitment
to regular and sustained improvement across all aspects of the
organization. The ten new strategic objectives will challenge us
to enhance our focus on the user experience, to improve internal
efficiencies, to advance the learning and growth of our staff,
and to increase our financial health. The new framework will
also encourage us to regularly measure and communicate our
progress in meeting these ambitious goals.
As an organization, we are committed to our new Strategic
Plan and feel that it represents our dedication to ongoing
transformation. I invite you to learn more about our Plan and to
follow our progress in the coming years.
Jeffrey G. Trzeciak
University Librarian
Our Vision, Mission and Values
McMaster University Library will be recognized as Canada's
most innovative, user-centred, academic library.
The University Library advances teaching, learning and research
at McMaster by:
teaching students to be successful, ethical information seekers
facilitating access to information resources
providing welcoming spaces for intellectual discovery
promoting the innovative adoption of emerging learning technologies
excellent customer service
collaboration, innovation, creativity and risk taking
inclusiveness and respect for the individual
accountability for our actions and decisions
Strategic Plan |2010/2013
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