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Office of Research and Technology
We strive to be integrated and adaptive to the needs of the Library and the campus community by leveraging resources
and information technologies that promote research, instruction and service.
The Office of Research and Technology coordinates three areas of activity in the Library: Information technology, grants
and sponsored research, and entrepreneurial programs. Library Information Technology includes people, technology and
services of all types, on this campus and world-wide.
The University Library's Gateway website is one of the most heavily-used services on campus, averaging over 50
million visits per year. Through the Gateway, the library provides campus access to catalogs of print and digital
materials (over 10 million titles), and to the online full text of over 60,000 electronic journals, over 200 abstracting and
indexing databases, reference works, encyclopedias, directories and other resources.
The library is digitizing collections through both the Internet Archive and Google. Through these and other initiatives
we make a significant contribution to information technology, standards, and guidelines.
You are encouraged to use our systems and services, and to let us know what would enhance your virtual visits to the
Library Research and Technology Contacts
Library Research and Technology Committees and Working Groups
Library Research and Technology News a blog on Library IT news
Library Research and Technology Mission Statement
Library IT supports the overall Library &University vision by making the Library ubiquitous and integrated into all
communities affiliated with the University, by providing technologies to support the Library's role in research,
scholarship and learning, by placing user need at the heart of technology services, by fostering expertise to keep pace
with technologies and by creating new systems and services while maintaining the Library’s essential technology
Library Research and Technology Core Values
We work and communicate effectively through both internal and external partnerships that leverage and extend our
resources by combining and sharing expertise, documentation, and decision-making processes.
We continually strive to streamline the organization through common processes, procedures, and tools thus reducing
consumption of resources and consolidating our efforts to lead to a greater level of service.
We respond quickly to changes in the demand for services by staying attuned to the needs of library staff and library
patrons, and we keep up to date with the library information technology landscape—when it changes, so do we.
We value research and creativity, solving problems in a forward-thinking manner, and offering an environment where
exploration is encouraged and mistakes are tolerated as necessary in the pursuit of progress.
We provide reliable support to Library patrons and staff by responding quickly, communicating clearly and accurately,
thinking and acting creatively to solve problems, and offering solutions and services that address current and projected
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