80 · Representative Documents: Strategies to Support Innovation and Research
University Library Strategic Initiatives FY12–FY14 (excerpts)
Goal 3: Support Digital Scholarship
In order to support the emerging needs of students and scholars engaged in e-science and other
forms of digital scholarship, the Library will:
3.1 Establish a robust and sustainable program supporting access, dissemination,
preservation, and curation of digital content created, managed, or acquired by the
3.2 Invest in new positions and/or re-allocate resources from among existing human
resources toward data curation activities.
3.3 Promote the outreach, acquisitions, and scholarly support programs associated with
“data services” provided across the Library, especially as a component of the Illinois
Research Data Initiative.
Goal 4: Expand Library Collections
In order to promote the Library as a destination, physical and virtual, for the global scholarly
community, and to support sustainable models for collection management in research
universities, the Library will:
4.1. Invest additional resources in Library collections serving areas of identified campus and
Library strategic interest.
4.2 Identify strategies for ascertaining emerging research and teaching emphases on the
Urbana campus and use this information to establish collection development objectives.
4.3 Acquire, process, and make accessible materials scarcely-held among research libraries
that align with campus research and teaching emphases and/or with the historic
strengths of the Urbana campus collections.
4.4 Model best practices in collection management through application of guidelines for
long-term storage of print materials informed by its participation in local, state,
regional, and national programs.
Goal 5: Sustain Partnerships and Collaborations
In order to enhance and improve Library services through participation in partnerships at the
local, regional, national, and international levels, the Library will:
5.1 Identify opportunities to establish Library spaces and services supporting teaching,
learning, and student services designed in collaboration with partner programs,
following the models set by the Undergraduate Library Learning Commons and the
Center for Academic Resources in Engineering.
5.2 Identify opportunities for international partnerships that inform long-term goals
supporting international initiatives in the Library and on the Urbana campus.
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