SPEC Kit 339: Innovation and R&D · 75
Kelvin Smith Library Strategic Plan 2011–2014
comprehensive and flexible strategic program to meet the specialized needs of each key client constituency engaging with faculty to create programs and
platforms to foster scholarly exchange among diverse members of the university community, and with colleagues nationally and
internationally reinvigorating KSL as a physical and virtual destination for faculty, students and staff through the creation of inviting collaborative and
individual learning and research spaces and, creating new service delivery models.
KSL Objectives: Diversity
D.1. -Define Services and Information Resources to Support Global Diversity. Advance the international initiatives of the University by providing robust
information resources and support for globalization activities, both for CWRU faculty, students and staff who are working abroad, and for international
students who are studying at CWRU.
D.2. -Promote Collaborative International Content Development. Position CWRU to influence the economic models affecting trade publications and
scholarly content by participating in collaborative global information developments that cultivate contributions from global partners (from both developed and
developing countries) to expand the global availability of information.
KSL Objectives: Community
C.1 -Strengthen Content Partnerships. Strengthen OhioLINK, UCI and other library partners to ensure the continued availability of digital and print
information resources of value to the CWRU community.
C.2 -Alumni and Community Engagement. Undertake a comprehensive strategic review and articulate a plan as to how KSL will support alumni, and the
extent to which KSL can and should support the larger Cleveland community.
KSL Objectives: Integrity &Transparency
T.1 -Service Assessment and Accountability to the CWRU community. Continually assess and report upon KSL’s progress to implement best
management practices, including identifying and reporting measures of success that are important to the university community.
T.2. -Build a KSL Development Program. Ensure the financial sustainability of KSL by establishing a development program, including articulation of major
gift priorities and goals, the development of persuasive case statements worthy of prominent participation within the University Capital Campaign, and the
initiation of a systematic program to cultivate potential donors.
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