38 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
11. Please indicate the source(s) of funds to support both this specific innovation example and
innovative activities in general. Check all that apply. N=44
Source of Funds This example In general N
Library operating budget 34 33 41
Library grant to staff 5 15 15
Library endowment fund earmarked for innovation 4 6 9
Library gift fund earmarked for innovation 1 6 7
Separate library innovation budget line 3 5 5
Parent institution grant to library 7 13 17
Parent institution endowment fund earmarked for innovation 1 4 4
Parent institution gift fund earmarked for innovation 2 0 2
Other source of funds 20 19 28
Total Responses 41 40 44
If you selected “Other source of funds” above, please briefly describe that source. N=28
Campus sources include the Quality Initiatives Fund, Technology and Learning Environment (TLE) funds, and
Instructional Technology Support funds.
CUL/IS generates revenue from various ventures, including the publication of the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
and CIAO. Proceeds from these ventures are often used to fund innovation initiatives.
Donation specifically for this innovation
Donors who support specific innovative programs, for example the “Dean’s Fellows.”
External funding
External small grants
Externally funded collaborative efforts, along the lines of Mellon’s support for Kuali-OLE.
Externally sponsored research—grants from IMLS
Friends of the Library grants
Funding from university IT department
Funds for the Academic Preservation Trust are raised through partner fees. In general, through outside grants.
Gifts and endowments not restricted to innovation.
Grant agencies external to the university
IMLS National Leadership Grant
In-kind contributions from campus partners and peer institutions, i.e., development time research grant monies shared
by individuals
Parent institution budget
Private fundraising, gifts-in-kind
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