SPEC Kit 339: Innovation and R&D · 31
Faculty have been concerned at the high cost of textbooks both on grounds of principle and pedagogy. Faculty have
noted that the high cost of textbooks for students has been detrimental to courses if students attempt to forgo purchase
or use much earlier used editions. Students have periodically complained that the library does not have a textbook
Increased expectations around data sharing and management by Federal funding agencies.
Innovation is part of the library culture. The leadership of the organization encourages, supports and rewards new ways
of furthering the library mission. The administration is open to proposals, communicates well so that all feel like they are
in the loop, and generously supports continuous learning.
Institutional interests/priorities in eLearning, student retention/graduation rates. Also motivation to make learning and
teaching environment more coherent and cost-effective for students and faculty.
Internal bonding change management partnership opportunity among separate library departments as well as campus
Migration to a new client/server ILS (Voyager) from a mainframe environment (Geac) as a cooperative procurement.
Need for comprehensive solution for preservation of digital materials.
Need to further develop collections and resources to support the upcoming 50th anniversary celebrations for the
New trends in higher education requiring students, especially at the undergraduate level, to engage in greater group
Opportunity to envision and design a new library from the ground up.
Perceived user expectations
Scholarship in digital media, digital humanities, and the drive for colleges and universities to provide opportunities for
undergraduate research, experiential learning, and alternative career paths for graduate students in the humanities are
driving the need for this new kind of support that combines website development, scholarly communication, traditional
research, data analysis and visualization, and humanities computing. The Libraries, with their extensive portfolio of
subject librarians, are uniquely qualified to bridge the disciplines, bringing together diverse interdisciplinary teams and
skillsets to this initiative.
The emphasis of open government and the principles of transparency, participation, collaboration from the Open
Government Directive.
The initial user was a faculty member in the Graduate School of Education who was looking for ways to improve math
education. From the IR perspective, the Analytic provides an approach for utilizing video and audio in more flexible
ways. Without the Analytic, media become sequential resources and difficult to use in education. The Analytic and the
related website (http://videomosaic.org/) new services and new roles for the research library.
The interest in a new methodology was driven by a desire to complete tasks more efficiently/expeditiously the RAMP
was an interesting research project that would serve a need (enhancing Wikipedia with better information) and raise the
profile of the Libraries’ collections.
The overwhelming complexity in today’s large academic research library of tracking the process of electronic resource
selection from request, to trial, to evaluation, pricing, license review, and purchase.
The university’s decision to opt out of the Access Copyright interim tariff.
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