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The Alternate Textbook Project. About the Project
About the Project |The Alternate Textbook Project
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The Alternate Textbook Project
About the Project
In 2011 the Temple University Teaching, Learning &Technology Roundtable created The
Alternate Textbook Project. Since then 20 faculty have participated in the project, and in 2013
we are offering 10 more faculty the opportunity to join The Alternate Textbook Project.
The goal of the Project is to encourage faculty experimentation and innovation in finding new,
better and less costly ways to deliver learning materials to their students. Through the Project
faculty can receive a funding award to develop an alternate to the traditional textbook. That could
be anything from a customized set of instructional content to an existing open textbook. There is
no expectation that faculty will author complete open textbooks, but that would certainly qualify as
an acceptable project proposal.
In its first round eleven faculty received awards to develop alternate textbooks.
In the second round nine faculty received awards to develop alternate
textbooks. See below for a list of faculty who received grants for the second (2012-2013) round of
the project.
Funding for The Alternate Textbook Project is provided by the Temple University Libraries. You can
read summaries of several projects.
For more information on the first round of the project, read this article published in Temple
Today. The project was also mentioned in this Chronicle of Higher Education news item.
Project Awardees for 2012-2013
Kristen Murray Law
Dawn Reid Psychology
Tamara Sniad CITE
Owen Ware Philosophy
Amy Friedman English (First Year Writing)
Whitley Cooke English (First Year Writing)
Nathan Fong Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Pamela Detrixhe Religion and Asian Studies
Gabriella Kecskes English
Hana Hasson Dentistry
Recent Entries
This is the Alternate Textbook
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