152 · Representative Documents: Innovation Grants/Awards
Policies for Award Approval
Policies for Award Approval
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institutions, should be submitted to the Committee on a regular RPC
Application Form.
Hiring Student Assistants:
Undergraduate students: Undergraduate student hourly help is
recommended for filing, photocopying, typing, collating, mailing, and
data entry.
Graduate students: Graduate students may be hired on an hourly basis.
Graduate student assistance is appropriate for handling research-oriented
tasks, including foreign language translation, bibliographic searching,
statistical analysis, and interviewing. If you need a graduate
assistantship, we suggest you draft a justification proposal and send it to
the Library Budget Committee.
Suggestions for hiring graduate student assistants: The burden of
finding a suitable assistant rests with the person receiving RPC funds. If
requested, the Library Personnel Office will post the research assistant
position with the appropriate office. The assistant chosen should report
to the Library Personnel Office to complete employment forms. If the
student is already the recipient of and assistantship or fellowship, he or
she may be restricted from other employment by the terms of the
award. Be certain that the student checks this with their college.
Salaries and wages: Please check with the Library Personnel Office to
obtain the most recent minimum rates.
The following information is current as of December 2011:
Graduate Student Hourly Rates:
Grad hourly rates are generally $19 /hr, but may also be
$8.25 /hr or $14 /hr depending on job duties.
Undergraduate Student Hourly Rates:
RPC recommends paying the current minimum wage of
$8.25 /hr.
Other Research Expenditures That Have Received Funding:
For other examples of research areas that have received funding in
the past, review the lists of previous awards. Please contact the RPC
Chair before requesting RPC funding for a publication subvention.
Items Not Normally Funded by the RPC
RPC does not normally provide research funds for the following:
Non-research travel, including travel to meetings, conferences,
or for paper presentation. The traveler should apply elsewhere,
for example to the Scholar's Travel Fund. Requests for training will
only be considered in exceptional circumstances, if there is a clear
relationship to a discrete research project.
Graduate assistantships. Due to the high cost of supporting
GAships, the RPC can only fund hourly student wage requests.
Prolonged research spanning years of investigation. RPC's policy
is to provide initial funding for research inquiry. RPC's support for
preliminary study should improve the candidate's potential for
attracting external research support. The RPC may encourage
applicants to apply to the Campus Research Board and/or to
national foundations to pursue their long term projects.
Postage, telephone costs, and ordinary office supplies.
Additions to the collection, including research material. RPC will
lend support to your requests for this material from the University
Retroactive expenses. The RPC can not retroactively award
funds for expenses already incurred (e.g., for travel) or for
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