ARL Transitions
Buffalo (SUNY): H. Austin Booth was named Vice Provost for University
Libraries, effective August 5, 2011. She served as Interim Associate Vice
President for University Libraries since June 1, 2010.
Cincinnati: Victoria Montavon announced her decision to step down as
Dean and University Librarian in August 2012, when she will return to the
library faculty.
Guelph: Mike Ridley announced that he will not seek reappointment as Chief
Information Officer and Chief Librarian when his term ends January 1, 2012. He
plans to return to the university in 2014 after an administrative/sabbatical leave.
National Library of Medicine (NLM): Joyce E. B. Backus was appointed Deputy
Associate Director, Library Operations, and NLM representative to ARL,
effective June 13, 2011. She was previously Deputy Chief, Public Services.
Oklahoma: Sul Lee announced that he will retire as Dean of University
Libraries, effective June 30, 2012.
Queen’s: Martha Whitehead was appointed University Librarian, effective July
1, 2011. She served as Interim University Librarian since July 2010.
Rochester: Mike Bell, Assistant Dean for Information Technology & Finance, and
Katie Clark, Associate Dean for Public Services & Collection Development, were
appointed Interim Co-Deans of River Campus Libraries, effective July 1, 2011.
Katie Clark is the ARL member representative for Rochester.
Temple: Carol Lang, Assistant University Librarian for Organizational
Development and Planning, was named Interim Dean of Libraries, effective
August 1, 2011.
Washington in St. Louis: Shirley Baker announced her plans to retire as Vice
Chancellor for Scholarly Resources and Dean of University Libraries, effective
June 30, 2012.
ARL Staff Transitions
Tricia Donovan was promoted to Communications and Project Coordinator,
effective June 13, 2011. She joined the ARL staff in June 2009 as an
Administrative Assistant supporting ARL’s strategic directions.
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