SPEC Kit 339: Innovation and R&D · 23
3. Does your parent institution have any policies, guidelines, or other document that reference library
innovation or R&D activities? Check the applicable choices. N=45
Yes, that references library innovation 33 73%
Yes, that references library R&D 27 60%
No, doesn’t explicitly reference library activities 7 16%
In development 2 4%
If yes, please identify the document(s). N=33
Thirty-three respondents identified a university strategic plan or similar document. See the Representative Documents
and Selected Resources sections for examples of these documents.
Comments N=14
As a research university, including a teaching hospital, there are many more documents relating to R&D in individual
departments and schools.
As the pioneering land grant institution in the United States, the university was founded on the basis of a mission to
apply the benefits of academic research and activity to improve the lives of residents of the state. In the 21st century,
that commitment remains the basis for programs that build on R&D activities to identify, support, and develop
innovations in agriculture, medicine, business, and other disciplines.
Frequent mentions in the University Strategic Plan, especially in the first goal area.
Innovation and Impact: Renewing the Promise of the Public Research University. Phase 1 Report: Setting the Agenda
is the university’s strategic plan. There are certainly other documents that reference innovation and/or R&D, but I don’t
know of them specifically.
Innovation in the university’s planning process is mostly tied to economic development activities and the metrics are
outputs such as licenses, patents, and business start-ups.
Innovation is referenced 11 times in the document Ten by Twenty: Johns Hopkins University Through the Year 2010, Ron
J. Daniels (President).
Innovation is referenced in the university’s strategic plan, Bold Aspirations, as goal 3, action 3-B. The university also has
a Vice-Chancellor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
The university has an Associate VP for Innovation and provides resources for entrepreneurs and incubators of new
The School of Business devotes a considerable amount of focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, primarily as an
academic topic. As a research institution, there is a considerable amount of R&D effort going on in all schools and
colleges with grant and university funding.
The university is an R1 institution that takes in nearly $1 billion annual in research grants. Policies and guidelines are
voluminous, highly distributed and are by-and-large not cataloged or publicly available. The Office of the Vice Provost
for Research keeps certain basic documentation.
The university provides a rich and diverse environment supporting innovation, as well as research, coordinated at the
university level by the Office of the Vice President for Research, which supports institutional initiatives. On our campus,
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