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Orientation Services and Environments Librarian
Position Title: Orientation Services and Environments Librarian,
Undergraduate Library
Full-­‐time, permanent Library faculty position.
University of Illinois Library at Urbana-­‐Champaign
The Orientation Services and Environments Librarian is responsible for the
planning and execution of assessing the Undergraduate Experience within the
Undergraduate Library, other UIUC Libraries, and crucial service initiatives (i.e.
Scholarly Commons support in Usability Methods, Engineering and RRSS
(Reference, Research and Scholarly Services) user studies and digital services
assessment) as appropriate.
Specifically, the Orientation Services &Environments Librarian provides direction
and initiative in developing effective programs to assess undergraduates’
preferences and use of library resources, including services, information access,
collections, facilities and social and recreational needs. This librarian works with
others to provide ongoing assessment through the use of qualitative, quantitative
and ethnographic methodology. A substantive component of this position is
devoted to designing, prototyping and testing environments and applications
designed to promote effective use of Library services and content among
undergraduate students who are just developing familiarity with the Library’s role
in research and learning. The activities involved in this aspect of the Orientation
role include: prototyping technology applications as well as new service programs
that are contingent on technology applications usability research, light technical
expertise, web application development, and a focus on developing services for user
population(s). This Librarian employs surveys, interviews, observation, focus
groups, diaries, picture narratives, etc., in the study of the Undergraduate
A. UGL /orientation-­‐focused activities: 60%
(Reporting to Head of UGL)
Coordinate and conduct Orientation programs at the Undergraduate Library
geared to first-­‐year students and transfer students assist with
Instruction/Information Literacy Programs at the Undergraduate Library
contribute to instruction programs (formal and informal) to be developed as
part of the Media Commons service program
Identify assessment methods and tools for use in measuring new student
learning outcomes
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