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Penn State University Libraries Innovation Microgrant Program
Innovation Microgrant Program
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Penn State University Libraries Innovation Microgrant Program
The University Libraries (UL) Microgrant Program is designed to support small projects that foster innovation in support of the
University Libraries strategic initiatives. Proposals will be competitively selected by the UL Innovation Microgrant Program Review
Committee. This program is open to all faculty and staff. Collaboration among colleagues is highly encouraged.
Criteria Judging Criteria Application Form Timeline Committee Membership Awards /Reports
1. All staff and faculty of the University Libraries and Penn State University Press are eligible to submit a proposal.
2. The grant proposals must support the mission, vision, values and goals articulated in the University Libraries Strategic Plan.
3. Each proposal must have a principle investigator (PI) but may have one or more co-PIs.
4. All funds are awarded for duration of one fiscal year and must be fully expended by June 15 of the current fiscal year.
5. Approval from your supervisor and department head must be obtained. When faculty and staff from more than one department
collaborate, all department heads must approve.
6. Proposals including a technology component must be reviewed by the Head of I-Tech, or designate, one week prior to
Judging Criteria
The University Libraries Innovation Microgrant Program Review Committee will consist of faculty and staff from across the University
Libraries and the Penn State Press to be appointed annually. Each proposal will be evaluated according to the same criteria:
1. Innovation.
2. The degree to which the project supports the mission, vision, values and goals in the University Libraries Strategic plan.
3. The justification or statement of the need for the project, including sustainability or impact.
4. The presentation and comprehensiveness of the proposal.
5. The appropriateness of the budgetary request.
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